The Breakers

by Shortwave Sunshine

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New Mexico, Cars, Love, Burning cars, Alcohol, New York, Love, Trying to get back to New Mexico (figuratively and literally) Hurt, Love, The crazy man and the beautiful woman trying to share the same 3 feet on the subway (thanks for that one David Cross).

When you come to a new place like New York City from New Mexico you can feel the pull of the separation every day. Shortwave Sunshine’s album 'The Breakers' explores the colors of the separation and the love stories that have grown from these darker places.

Featuring members from: Antibalas, Tamarama, Akoya, Quintus, King Expressers and Ravens & Chimes.


released June 1, 2010

Gabriel Hays: songs, vocals, keys, guitar
Naren Rauch: guitar, effects, vocals
Nikhil Yerawadekar: bass, percussion, vocals
Mike Riddleberger: DRUMS!

With very special guests:
Eric Dalio: woodwinds, keys, vocals
Eric Biondo: Trumpet
Rick Parker, Kevin Birke: Trombone
David Steinberg, Seth Paris: Clarinet
Will Jones: Baritone Sax

Produced by: Gabriel Hays and Shortwave Sunshine
Mixed by: Aaron Nevezie at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Recorded at: The Bunker (Aaron Nevezie), Naren Rauch Studios, Turtle Studios(Jeff Hyatt) and Red Hot Balloon Studios (Gabriel Hays)
Mastered by: Scott Hull at Masterdisk
Artwork: Michael C Hsiung
Photography: Shay Platz


all rights reserved



Shortwave Sunshine New York

The Breakers, makes good on the band’s Beatles influence with the kind of sharp but easygoing melodies and ambitious arrangements of the Fab Four’s later albums. From hypnotic “Stuck in New York” to the start-stop riffage of “Save $” and the noisy breakdown of the title track, The Breakers is a sonic mini-adventure that brandishes a relatively bright outlook and tight performances.
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Track Name: The Breakers (a flood)
Let it out your the attack dog today
Just don't forget yesterday you,
you were one of us

Now it goes your the star,
or so you say
Just don't forget tomorrow if you
lie to all of us

We won't for give you

There's a flood and all you say,
it's up to us
Just don't forget tomorrow, you will
be, one of us

Do my part ok I'll try real hard
I won't forget tomorrow I won't
be, one of them

Will you forgive us
Will you forgive us
Will you forgive us
Track Name: The Breakdown
Did you wake up? back seat of our car
I wander
Did you look down? there's bones underneath
our car

We're going until we slip in the west
All around is the sea
We left from the end of the block
Cannot get stuck in the breakdown

It's goodbye to this street this time
I wander
Not the same
Track Name: Big Fat Cadillac
And back when hitchhiking was
the easy thing to I met him

We had always been lucky
a Big Fat Cadillac came

A Big Fat Cadillac

Rafael's Silver Cloud was
by the side of the highway

When we got in the car
the owner asked me to Drive

The Big Fat Cadillac

Rafael's Silver Cloud was
by the side of the highway

We had a drink to the man
who paints for all the rich old fools
Track Name: Your Cars on Fire (or things that don't go together well: cars, fire, beer)
A junkyard of cars
below my super eighty

and they are burning
and they are rusting
with there old old doors

You car's of fire
you shouldn't put it
out with a can of
beer from the backseat

and please don't ask me
to grab your hand and help you out

You car's of fire
you shouldn't put it
out with a can of
beer from the backseat

People drive by
and as they drive by
they crash into eachother
won't grab your hand and help you out

I saw
the newspaper yesterday
I saw
You were no where at all

You car's of fire
you shouldn't put it
out with a can of
beer from the backseat
Track Name: Stuck in New York
On the way to the airport again
turned away by the crowds again
this crisis is my opportunity
to clear my head

Drive across the state
sleeping next to the window
snow storm in the way again
this crisis is my opportunity

Stuck in New York
New Years Day

It's dark in the north
but my friends is in my arms
take a pause and offer a kiss
to the one that I love
Track Name: Inside my Darkest Moments
Inside my Darkest Moments I,
I see that you will look me back

Inside my Darkest Moments you,
You see me through,
You see me through

But sometimes I need to go
where no one can go and it's so
You look me back

Inside your darkest moments do,
do you look? do you look?
Sometimes it's hard to see
that you'll turn around the way you
and yeah I know
Inside my darkest moments I
You see I go, I go where you go
Track Name: Save $
Did you read the daily news?
Do you believe the story
I save my $

Did you see the man on the train?
Do you believe his story
I save my $

Why would we get together now when
we could stay alone

Did you meet the girl at the bar?
Did you get her number
She's still running

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